Entangled Logical Qubits (ELQ)

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), in partnership with DEVCOM ARL, aims to advance the state of the science in universal fault-tolerant quantum computing by demonstrating high-fidelity entanglement between error-corrected logical qubits using a modular architecture. This four-year foundational research program, Entangled Logical Qubits (ELQ), is directed at generating high-fidelity entanglement between two error-corrected logical qubits in a fully fault-tolerant manner, and employing the entanglement to achieve logical state teleportation with high success. These accomplishments will lay the cornerstone for realizing the full potential of quantum computing and make a profound advance on the path to fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Technical Point of Contact:
T.R. Govindan

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Target Audience(s):
Large Business
Small Business

Avenue(s) for Collaboration:
Funded Research

Research Type(s):
6.1 (Basic Research)

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