How to Work With Us

Army Research Laboratory offers numerous collaboration mechanisms to support partnership among government, industry, and academic institutions. R2C2 partners typically enter into a Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA), which allows access to facilities and personnel.

ARL has streamlined this process. R2C2 partners should expect a 6- 8-week approval time consisting of the following:

  • Data Gathering
    Virtual introductory meeting to discuss partner’s research interest and activities and determine how R2C2 facilities can support
  • Mission Alignment
    Consultation with ARL researchers to determine how the potential partnership aligns with ARL mission areas and who may be an appropriate internal sponsor
  • Negotiation
    ARL and the potential partner negotiate research questions to pursue any joint deliverables, and determine whether there is a cost associated with the project
  • Agreement
    Based on the scope of the project, ARL will begin developing a formal partnering agreement with the guidance of the Technology Transfer Office. This may be a CRADA or other collaboration mechanisms. As part of this agreement, research findings and intellectual property will be negotiated.
  • Work Begins
    Once the partnering agreement is signed, R2C2 will arrange for the partner to access facilities so work can commence.

Contact us to see if R2C2 is a good fit for you – or call (410) 306-0093.

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