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Artificial intelligence, autonomy, and robotics will play a major role on the battlefield of the future and there are exciting new developments taking place in industry and academia that could advance the military’s integration of these technologies and contribute to soldier readiness. The Army Research Laboratory creates partnerships with organizations pursuing complimentary research topics. Specific topics of interest are:

  • Improving ground robot mobility and maneuverability
  • Accelerating AI decision-making
  • Increasing network security
  • Enhancing human-machine collaboration
  • Boosting power and propulsion while reducing payload

Contact us to see if R2C2 is a good fit for you – usarmy.apg.devcom-arl.mbx.r2c2@army.mil or call (410) 306-0093.

The Robotics Research Collaboration Campus (R2C2) accommodates experimentation in the following research environments:

Littoral (future)
Live Virtual Constructive

Current Research

Research Collaborators

Government, academic, and industry partners work together at R2C2 to advance robotics research and development. ARL’s vision for R2C2 is that it hosts a vibrant ecosystem of researchers from across disciplines and sectors, bringing new discoveries and best practices together to accelerate research in robotics and autonomy for the benefit of the soldier. Collaborations can range in size and complexity from using the site for one day to complex multi-site experimentation.

R2C2 Ecosystem at Graces Quarters: Military Agencies (Army organizations, Navy/Air Force, Special Operations Command (SOCOM)), Universities and Education (Test Sites, K-12, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), 4-year, Community Colleges), Fed/State/Local Government Agencies (Homeland Security/Intelligence Community, Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), State & Local Law Enforcement), Civic and elected leaders, Environment, Industry Members (Established, Startups, Trade Groups), Business Resources (Open Employment Data Standards (OEDS), TEDCO (Maryland Technology Development Corporation), Incubators, Investors), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Contact us to see if R2C2 is a good fit for you – usarmy.apg.devcom-arl.mbx.r2c2@army.mil or call (410) 306-0093.

Current Collaborators

SURVICE Engineering Company
Carnegie Mellon University The Robotics Institute
First Chesapeake
Texas A&M Engineering
PEO Soldier
United States Military Academy West Point
Vertical Flight Society
U,S. Department of Energy
Booz Allen Hamilton
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