Science of Additive Manufacturing for Next Generation Munitions (SAMM)


  • Utilize Science of Additive Manufacturing for Next Generation Munitions to print custom munitions with double the range and increased lethality.
  • New Materials: Can we develop tailored metallic alloys and energetic materials that will increase munition range and lethality?
  • Design Tools: Can digital tools and methodologies that integrate materials and manufacturing processes with the application environment be developed?
  • Processing: Are new manufacturing processes that enable design and materials flexibility, repeatable, low cost and able to be validated and verified?


  • New materials: Tailored metallic alloys and propellants to enhance munition range, lethality and maneuverability
  • Design tools: Software with knowledge of materials, processes, and environment to adapt and compile optimized threat-responsive designs for both geometry and process
  • Processing: Enable flexibility in employment of designs and materials, yet repeatable and low-cost to verify and validate
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