Long Range Distributed and Collaborative Engagements (LRDCE)

The LRDCE ERP is DEVCOM ARL’s flagship program to create and operationalize scientific knowledge for transformational overmatch in Long Range Precision Fires (LRPF).

This ERP advances foundational research in ballistic sciences to include energetics, propulsion, flight, guidance, and warheads. The LRDCE ERP also conducts limited system-level modeling of future LRPF weapons capabilities and multi-component experiments in relevant environments to showcase technology maturation up to technology readiness level (TRL) 4 – component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment.


  • Utilize foundational/cross-cutting science and technology to enable LRPF capabilities against threats across echelons.
  • How do we expand munition kinematics (range, speed, maneuverability)?
  • How do we accurately deliver fires in contested environments?
  • How do we mass precision ballistic effects affordably?
  • How do we improve munition survivability through all phases (launch, flight, terminal)?


  • Expanded munition kinematics (range, speed, maneuverability)
  • More accurate delivery of fires in contested environments
  • Massed affordable precision effects
  • Improved launch, flight, and terminal survivability of munitions


Dr. Frank Fresconi
Program Manager

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