University Affiliated Research Center (UARC)

A University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) is a strategic United States Department of Defense (DoD) research program that is associated with a university. UARCs were established to ensure that essential engineering and technology capabilities of particular importance to the DoD are maintained. University Affiliated Research Centers are designed to provide critical mass in research areas that meet Army and DoD future needs and anticipated combat requirements.

UARCs are university-led collaborations between universities, industry and Army laboratories that conduct basic, applied and technology demonstration research. The universities, considered at the forefront of science and innovation in a specific research area, provide dedicated facilities and share space with Army and industrial participants. The industrial partners provide competence in related technologies, expertise in transitioning technologies from laboratories to markets and cost sharing.

The emphasis for each UARC is to conduct research where breakthroughs are likely to enable revolutionary capabilities for our warfighters. One DOD agency is formally designated to be the primary sponsor for each UARC. DEVCOM ARL is the executive agent for two UARCs, with support for long-range research in a third.

DEVCOM ARL manages the following UARCs for DoD:

DEVCOM ARL supports:

DEVCOM Soldier Center maintains executive oversight responsibilities for the ICT UARC. DEVCOM ARL supports the mission of the ICT UARC through RDTE 6.1 managed under DEVCOM ARL cooperative agreement.

Technical Point of Contact:
James Burgess

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Target Audience(s):

Avenue(s) for Collaboration:
Collaborative Partnerships

Research Type(s):
6.1 (Basic Research)
6.2 (Applied Research)

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