Patent License Agreement (PLA)

Under the Federal Technology Transfer Act, DEVCOM ARL makes federally funded inventions from basic and applied research available to the private sector or industry for new product development and sales to benefit private industry and the overall public interest.

By signing a patent license agreement (PLA) from a federal laboratory, a business or licensee is granted the right to manufacture or use an ARL invention in their commercial products, which prevents others without a license from legally doing the same. In turn, for this benefit, the licensee agrees to pay negotiable financial terms, which may include an upfront execution fee, an annual minimum royalty, and a running royalty percentage of sales and other fees as appropriate. The licensee also agrees to develop the ARL invention into a commercial product at its own expense following their own timetable and milestones determined at the time of application.

An annual progress report to ARL is required to ensure that the licensee is meeting the terms of license.

DEVCOM ARL inventions available for licensing are listed with ARL’s Partnership Intermediary TechLink at under DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory with instructions on whom to contact if interested.

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Technical Point of Contact:
Office of Research & Technology Applications (ORTA)

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Target Audience(s):
Large Business
Small Business
Foreign Business

Avenue(s) for Collaboration:
Technology Transfer

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