DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory ‘s Army Research Office, in partnership with the Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS), is soliciting proposals for research in Trapped Ions & Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing (TINA QC). This is a proposed four-year program and is primarily focused on three topic areas in the field of quantum computing (QC) with trapped ions and neutral atoms: Modular Atoms, Fast Atoms and Versatile Atoms. 

The primary research goal is to increase the versatility of atomic qubits through innovative concepts that preserve the advantages of such systems in a multi-qubit setting.

Research proposals to these topics are sought that address the circuit gate-based model of quantum computation, be suitable for universal control in multi-qubit architectures, and make progress towards fault-tolerant quantum computing. 

White Papers due by 4 PM ET January 23, 2024
Proposals due by 4 PM ET April 9, 2024

Target Audience(s):
Large Business
Small Business

Avenue(s) for Collaboration:
Funded Research

Research Type(s):
6.1 (Basic Research)

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