FAQs for Government Task Sponsors

How should I send SSP requests to ARO: e-mail, hard copy or fax?

All new PWSs and modification requests to existing task order must be submitted to the procurement assistant by email.

How can I get the fastest possible turn-around?

ARO will not process new task requests or modifications to existing task orders until all required documentation is submitted. Submitting a partial package will delay your requested action. If your task requires expedited handling in order to meet impending schedule requirements or agency requirements, please contact Mesha Tyree at mesha.tyree.ctr@army.mil upon submittal of package to let her know the requirement is urgent. The level of urgency will be reviewed by all SSP program officials and considered on a case by case basis.

When I do the IGCE, what should be included?

If you anticipate that the work will be done by an individual consultant/analyst, estimate an hourly or daily rate, the number of hours/days, travel, and material costs. For companies and educational institutions, make the same estimates for the PI and any support staff but also include an estimate for their overhead/indirect costs. See How to Prepare the IGCE for additional information. An example IGCE is included in the SSP IGCE Template.

How accurate does the IGCE have to be?

At a minimum the estimated number of hours/days and travel should match the level of effort described in section 7 of the PWS. The dollar amounts should be estimated to the best of your knowledge. If the Edmond proposed cost, arrived at through negotiations with the prospective subcontractor, is lower than your estimate, usually a task order is awarded without further discussions. If the proposed cost is higher than your estimate, the COR will be contacted to determine a course of action.

What is the Attachment 2, Determinations and Signatures?

This form is provided in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 17.5 Economy Act Determination.

The review is not intended to be a review of the actual task order under the Scientific Services Program prime contract. Instead, the SSP legal review should be completed by the attorney, who does not have a direct interest in the work being proposed, to determine the following:

  • If this request is for non-personal services (as personal services are not allowed).
  • If the terms of the specific tasks and the various elements of work make sense (i.e., are they consistent and are they complete?)

Who is the ARO Finance Point of Contact?

Christine Doss
Phone: 919-549-4306
E-mail: Christine.t.doss.civ@army.mil

Mailing address:
U.S. Army Research Office
P.O. Box 12211
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2211

How will I know when a task order has been issued?

ARO will e-mail a copy of the task order award to the COR. The prime contractor will notify the selected performer(s) of their authorized start date (which is determined by the issuance of a Purchase Order to the performer from a Edmond subcontracting officer).

What if I want to modify a task order?

Submit your request for modification via email to the SSP procurement assistant. YYour request should include a detailed description of the change and a brief justification. For example, if you are requesting a no-cost extension of the period of performance, indicate how long of an extension and the reason for the extension. (With extensions, keep in mind that the extension itself shall not cause the contract total period of performance to exceed the 18- or 24-month limit for SSP tasks. If you want to increase the current level of effort, indicate the reason, estimate the number of additional working hours/days, and, if necessary, indicate the new period of performance end date, and any additional travel. See Modifications to Existing SSP Tasks and the SSP Modification Request Template for additional information.

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