SSP Task Award and Administration

Upon receipt and acceptance of a complete task request package PWS from a Government requestor, ARO sends Edmond Scientific Company, the prime contractor, a Request for Proposal. While the task sponsoring agency may recommend a task performer to complete the effort, source selection is the sole responsibility of Edmond Scientific Company, who solicits competitive bids/proposals from potential subcontractors. Edmond negotiates a final technical and cost subcontract proposal with the selected task performer and submits the proposal to ARO. Upon approval of the prime contractor’s proposal by ARO and the task sponsoring agency, ARO awards a Task Order (TO) to Edmond and then Edmond awards a subcontract Purchase Order (PO) to the selected task performer for the funded amount. There is no work share for the prime contractor and there are no additional fees withheld from the total contract research MIPR or funding document.

Edmond then establishes a Purchase Order for the conduct of each TO, obtains security clearances where required, pays subcontractor invoices, monitors conformance to time and funding limitations, reviews all final reports, and initiates subcontract close-out.

Though ARO will award a TO to Edmond to obtain the services of a subcontractor, the subcontractor may not start work until receipt of the Purchase Order (PO) from Edmond. The PO will establish the subcontractor’s start date which may be later than the start date of the TO issued by ARO. Subcontractor time and expenses incurred prior to the start date of the PO will not be reimbursed.

Special Conditions

If the use of human subjects or animal use is anticipated, the task sponsoring agency and subcontractor(s) must submit a request for approval of research protocol, informed consent form, and/or other required documentation to their respective Institutional Review Boards (IRB). These IRB approved protocols must be reviewed and approved by Edmond before the use of human or animal subjects can begin.

ARO does not secure these approvals for the task sponsoring agency or the subcontractor(s).

The task sponsoring agency is responsible for identifying all regulatory requirements such as chemical surety; biological surety; and, safety facility plans, provisions, and guidelines to ARO, Edmond, and the subcontractor(s). ARO does not identify these requirements on behalf of the sponsoring agency. The sponsoring agency’s workplace environmental, occupational health, safety, and surety policies and programs shall govern the Task Order.

Any work performed by the subcontractor at, or visit to, a government site during the period of performance of this task order will be conducted under the jurisdiction and protection of that government agency’s occupational health, safety, emergency management and notification, and environmental protection and surveillance programs. The government agency shall provide the same workplace orientation, industrial hygiene surveillance, health and safety training, personal protective equipment (including instruction on proper use and maintenance), pre-placement and periodic physical examinations, immunizations, and any other health, safety, environmental training/instruction that is provided to other personnel performing similar work at the same location.

Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (eCMRA)

The Defense Department operates and maintains a secure data collection site where ALL contractor manpower (including subcontractor manpower) must be reported for performance of contracted efforts providing services to the Department of the Defense.

This requirement is incorporated into each SSP Performance Work Statement and resulting task order. Detailed information about this requirement and the type of data that must be reported can be found on the Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (eCMRA) website.

Additional Information About SSP Subcontracts

Edmond, the prime contractor, competitively awards subcontracts for a specified amount and period of performance based on the PWS prepared by the government requiring activity. Project related materials, supplies, and/or travel may be negotiated. If authorized, travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the current Federal Travel Regulations. All SSP subcontractors must be registered in the Federal Government’s System for Award Management website. There is NO fee to register for this site.

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